Accessing Perspectives for the Pharma Industry



A client at a large agency was conducting extensive research to test corporate messaging for a pharmaceutical company within two populations: media and investment professionals. They wanted a variety of credible perspectives and needed results quickly, so they requested group conversation engagements.


The Guidepoint Professional Services team immediately began to send relevant profiles to the client; sourcing from top investment firms in addition to newspapers, websites, and media outlets. They vetted Advisors for knowledge as well as the complex scheduling and compliance aspects of the request. Within a day of starting, the team began to send fully‑screened Advisor profiles for review and was able to set up two discussion panels for the client.


Consultations conducted included:
  • Two discussion panels: one for institutional investors and one for media influencers
  • Influencers covering key facets of health news including pharmaceutical development and research, tech disruption, and policy
  • Portfolio managers, managing directors, and healthcare analysts from institutional investment firms


The Guidepoint team set up two successful online group meetings between the client and their target populations of institutional investors and media influencers. The meetings were two-hours long and all participants joined both groups. The client was able to gain valuable insights and test messaging in specific environments and make the most of their time with the group setting.


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