An Interview with Guidepoint Client Service Associate, Aryan Chugh


Meet Aryan! Aryan Chugh is a Client Service Associate in our Mumbai Office. He studied Business Management in the UK. Aryan continuously demonstrates excellent work performance and was the top performer of May 2022 in our Mumbai Office. In his spare time, he likes watching and playing football and cricket as well as being involved in the kitchen whenever he can.

Guidepoint: What is the best part of working on the Client Service Team?


Aryan: I think the best part about working in the Client Service Team would be the connection that I have with all my colleagues. I look at them as friends who are slowly turning into family. On the work front, I love the erratic nature on the job – there isn’t a single day that is the same as another. The client service team is inclusive of hardworking, experienced and likeminded people which enables us to work extremely well as a team and maximize our performance.


Guidepoint: What do you find most interesting about working in the expert network industry?


Aryan: Working in this industry helps you keep up to date with what’s important in the world (especially from a business standpoint). This encourages me to learn about matters foreign to me on a regular basis. I love the variety of industries that we work with.


Guidepoint: What has been one of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career?


Aryan: I would not say accomplishment but joining Guidepoint has been one of the best decisions I have made in the past year. It has helped me with personal growth, helping me realize I had a lot of untapped potential. More objectively, I try to do the best I can with all my work and I see the results to my work everyday!


Guidepoint: Have you ever seen something you’ve worked on reflected in the news? What was it?


Aryan: We work on projects from multiple industries at a time. I remember having working on projects in chemicals, battery and finance that led to major investments in these industries, more specifically on the sub-sectors that we had been working on.


Guidepoint: What’s something you learned unexpectedly while working at Guidepoint?


Aryan: Not unexpectedly, but the values that good teamwork and supportive colleagues have brought to my work performance have been underrated. I have also come to learn how beneficial an open work culture is. This sort of culture at Guidepoint has helped me express myself and be the best version of myself. The value of being able to express your opinion freely is unmatched and something that is prevalent through every level at Guidepoint!


Guidepoint: What’s the most unique kind of expert you’ve worked with at Guidepoint?


Aryan: I worked with an expert that directly works with the government and the biggest conglomerates in India. He was so knowledgeable and experienced that during the time we were working together, he has given me so much insights about his roles and responsibilities.


Guidepoint: Who is your biggest career inspiration whether internally at Guidepoint or externally?


Aryan: It has to be my mum. She is self-made, independent and the strongest person I have ever known. She has given me tremendous support, not just career wise, but also from a personal development point of view.


Guidepoint: Where do you hope your career takes you in the next 5 years?


Aryan: I would like to take things as they come. My priority would be to keep growing my skills and gaining experience across industries. I would like to build my network and connect with individuals from various profiles and that’s why I think Guidepoint is the perfect platform for me.


Guidepoint: What would you consider yourself an expert in or at?


Aryan: The expert at finding expertise.


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