An Interview with Guidepoint Research Manager, Isabel Chen


Meet Isabel! Isabel received her Bachelor’s in Economics at Whitman College and a Master’s in Finance at NYU. I like traveling, cardio sports, and exploring restaurants and coffee shops on weekends. I have two very cute cats that love being petted.


Guidepoint: What is the best part of working on the Client Service team?


Isabel: I enjoy providing the most suitable advisors to my clients and helping them find the information that they are looking for. I feel rewarded when they tell me that the advisors are great and helpful.


Guidepoint: What do you find most interesting about working in the expert network industry?


Isabel: The most interesting thing about EN industry is that we are able to keep track of the latest industry topics and investment trends.


Guidepoint: What has been one of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career?


Isabel: I started a client-facing position in December 2020 and saw more and more trial clients of mine become official clients. Some of them renewed contracts several times and each time they landed on bigger packages. They value my assistance and have faith in the quality of advisors I provide.


Guidepoint: Have you ever seen something you’ve worked on reflected in the news? What was it?


Isabel: Yes, I have been following my clients’ portfolios or investment activities. With the insights and information our clients gathered from our Advisors, they went ahead and provide funding for the prospect company. Sometimes the deal size can be significant.


Guidepoint: What’s something you learned unexpectedly while working at Guidepoint?


Isabel: Advisors react differently to our calls and invitations. I learned how to communicate with each of them in the most productive manner possible. For example, Chinese doctors are very busy, and you have to wrap things up briefly and quickly in one call and the best time to call them is at noon or after business hours.


Guidepoint: Who is your biggest career inspiration whether internally at Guidepoint or externally?


Isabel: My previous Team Lead, Kiefer, has helped me significantly during my time at Guidepoint. I learned a lot from him, including how to conduct thorough research for a request, how to persuade an Advisor to join our network, how to interact with clients and find the most relevant Advisors, and how to manage my team.


Guidepoint: Where do you hope your career takes you in the next 5 years?


Isabel: I’d like to help more clients find the right experts and lead a larger team. Support and mentor more associates and help them become successful in the expert network industry.


Guidepoint: What would you consider yourself an expert in or at?


Isabel: I would consider myself an expert in recruiting doctors/healthcare KOLs as well as providing assistance in our clients’ due diligence projects.