Conducting Diligence on Practice Management IT Solutions



A healthcare team at a major consulting firm was conducting due diligence for a private equity case on practice management IT solutions. They needed to speak with experts working in the industry, as well as IT decision-makers at health networks and clinics, to discuss trends in the space, including new technology adoption rates and usage of third party solutions.


The Guidepoint Healthcare Consulting Team was able to build a plan with the client team to organize their various simultaneous work streams and immediately began to provide lists of relevant Advisors for each sector, while simultaneously custom recruiting for Advisors with recent and relevant experience. The team was able to work with the client to pivot as their research developed and to maintain flexible timelines.
Advisor phone consultations conducted included:
  • 7 Key Decision Makers across a variety of health sectors
  • 9 Industry Experts from IT solution providers
  • Sales and Operations Executives from practice management and electronic health record technology providers


The Guidepoint team was able to provide consultations with 30 relevant and knowledgeable Advisors, covering a multitude of angles within the space. The client noted that their team was considerably satisfied with the calls, saying they were “very happy with all of your help and general quality of Advisors!”


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