Delivering Knowledge With Custom Events



A successful company will have a comprehensive knowledge of its products. They’ll know what it does, who uses it, and why. But what happens when a potential new use comes along that might open up an entirely new clientele?
That’s what happened when a Guidepoint client, a medical equipment company, looked to better understand the significant overlap between sleep apnea and the Type II Diabetes population.
They brought their questions to Guidepoint, looking for a solution that would increase their team’s understanding about the diagnosis and treatment of Type II Diabetes.


Guidepoint responded by organizing two private, invitation-only dinners attended by the client’s executive team and Guidepoint Advisors from the diabetes field. The dinners were set to coincide with a major international medical conference all were set to attend.
Guidepoint took control of the process from start to finish, from identifying the right Advisors to handling the venue contract and wrapping up the menu. Because Guidepoint managed all of the logistics of the event, the entire client team was free to concentrate all of their time and energy on their research, maximizing their time with the Guidepoint Advisors.


The client’s executives were able to come away with enhanced insights of clinical sleep apnea research being done by the Endocrinology community. They found that there was substantial support of therapies for diabetes patients, including home sleep testing for high-risk patients.
The dinner events also served as a launch point for further discussions between the client and the Advisors. They gained a clearer understanding about in-clinic patient identification and the screening processes used there.
According to the client, “The dinners that Guidepoint arranged provided a very powerful outcome for our senior management team. We were able to interact and gain critical insight that helped guide and prioritize our thinking. The dinner discussions have been referred to often internally as we develop plans for the future.”


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