Demystifying the technology of streaming media

A consulting team in Asia was researching to understand the cloud communication technology adopted by different streaming media. They needed to gather insights on market size as well as the growth opportunities for this type of technology within different media segments.


Upon request, Guidepoint’s team gathered a list of potential candidates who utilize one or more cloud communications technologies, including online education service providers, live streaming gaming platforms, online video streaming platforms, as well as social media platforms. In the meantime, the team started custom-recruiting experts who have deep knowledge of the technology’s applications within those segments.
79 advisor profiles were identified, mainly from China and other leading APAC markets. Afterwards, the team worked closely with clients to set up screening questions to further narrow down the ideal profiles for 1-1 consultations.
11 phone consultations took place with industry-leading experts including, but not limited to:
  • Former General Manager from a leading live gaming streaming platform from China
  • Vice President of Online Business at one of the largest mobile social platforms in Asia
  • Product Director from a multinational internet technology company
  • Senior Software Engineer from an online learning service provider


Based on the positive consultation experience, the client continues to partner with Guidepoint to expand the research scope to Japan, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian markets.



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