Gaining Insight Into Innovative Medical Product Development



A senior scientist at a large medical device company wanted to connect with Research & Development (R&D) engineers, scientists, clinicians, and chemists who focus on drug delivery or drug-eluting systems for implantable medical devices. This included antibacterial coatings for use on catheters and other implantable devices. The client was working on a new product within the field of Otolaryngology and needed both user and engineer input.


Guidepoint ultimately sourced 30 Advisors for this project. Since a high degree of technical expertise was needed, the assigned Project Manager vetted candidates over the phone to ensure they were on target. A few of the Advisors sent to the client within two business days included:
  • A leading research material scientist with fifteen years of experience in the management and execution of medical device R&D.
  • A drug development consultant and former scientist at a mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturer with expertise in analytical instrumentation and analytical methods development & validation.
  • A tenured Associate Professor and director of otologic and neurotologic surgery at an academic hospital who has written numerous peer-reviewed articles on topics such as inner ear drug delivery.


By working with Guidepoint, the client was able to connect with three highly-relevant Advisors in a short period of time, gaining valuable insights and specialized knowledge from both the user and engineer perspective.


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