Guidepoint Expands Alternative Data Products with Guidepoint Qsight Launch

Guidepoint, a leading expert network firm, recently launched Guidepoint Qsight — an alternative data-driven product line that provides clients with a unique understanding of sector and individual company performance.

Starting with the acquisition of Quanton Data, Guidepoint’s Data Insights team has focused on building an alternative data offering to complement its existing high-valued primary data products (Guidepoint TRACKER). With the launch of Guidepoint Qsight, Guidepoint can now also provide clients with proven timely and accurate insights from key alternative data sources.

Guidepoint Qsight data products will initially focus on the healthcare sector, with the first product launch built from proprietary data compiled from nearly one-third of all U.S. hospitals. This dataset will provide investors, manufacturers and consulting firms with unprecedented, near real-time insight into the monthly purchasing of U.S. hospital consumables, medical devices and other physician preference items.

In 2018, Guidepoint Qsight coverage will continue to grow to provide expanded coverage in healthcare and new coverage in areas such as travel and transportation—all based on proprietary alternative data.

Erik Haines, Managing Director of Guidepoint’s Data Insights team said: “Given the influx of alternative data in the marketplace, it’s often challenging to know what data brings value and what data is simply noise. Nevertheless, a growing number of firms are incorporating alternative data as key inputs for decision making. Guidepoint Qsight’s purpose is to leverage industry and domain expertise in developing alternative datasets. By employing rigorous data science alongside subject-matter expertise, our clients will have confidence they are receiving high-quality, actionable alternative data. Through Guidepoint Qsight, users will have access to proven timely and accurate data-driven insights covering key market and company dynamics.”

Guidepoint’s Data Insights team was launched in 2016 and offers additional data products ranging from raw data feeds to primary data to custom data and analytics. The team continues to build out new products and expand coverage to complement Guidepoint’s leading phone consultation, event and survey offerings.


About Guidepoint

Guidepoint, a leading expert network firm, connects clients with vetted subject matter experts—Advisors—from their global professional network. Guidepoint clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by Advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions. Its slate of services, including phone consultations, surveys, events and proprietary data insights products, help professionals gain comprehensive understanding of a topic before making strategic or investment decisions. Guidepoint’s multinational client list includes nine of the top 10 consulting firms and some of the largest hedge funds, private equity firms and Fortune-ranked public companies. Guidepoint’s industry-leading compliance platform—overseen by Guidepoint’s General Counsel, a former SEC enforcement attorney—supports appropriate client-to-Advisor interactions through the application of Guidepoint’s own policies and procedures as well as custom, client-specific controls the company implements at clients’ requests. For more information, visit