How Do Expert Networks Find Their Experts?

Whether you call them advisors, experts, or specialists—subject matter experts are at the core of how expert networks run. When a company needs questions answered and lacks the expertise internally, they contact an expert network to be connected with a subject matter expert in anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But how are expert networks, like Guidepoint, able to connect their clients with subject matter experts so quickly?


First, expert networks have an existing database of experts who they can leverage for client requests. While network size varies, Guidepoint currently has over 900,000 Advisors worldwide within its network across more than 150 industries and sectors. Some experts consult part-time while for some, it’s a full-time job. New experts are added to the network every day as new expertise is sought to fulfill client requests.


On each project, Guidepoint not only taps into its existing network for requests, but it also connects its clients with experts through custom recruiting. Guidepoint’s Client Service team has a multitude of tools in their arsenal that allows them to source any expert in any field. Project managers identify who clients want to speak with and tailor their search efforts to find the best candidates. If the right expert for the project is not in the network already, the team searches the open marketplace to find them.


Some clients have very specific requirements, looking for someone with experience at a particular company, a certain job title, or even a current customer. Whatever the specifics may be, Guidepoint’s Client Service team finds the right person, with the right experience, and the right knowledge. Guidepoint then connects the client with one or more Advisors to conduct a phone consultation, in-person or virtual event, or survey where they can get answers to their most pressing questions.


There will always be a need to gain knowledge and information, and through its existing network of nearly one million experts and on-demand sourcing, Guidepoint can ensure its clients always speak to the right experts to move their projects forward.