Insight Into the Next Tech Revolution



How will new technologies will drive industry transformation and shape the world in the next decade? To discover the answer to this question, Guidepoint’s client, one of the world largest manufacturers of information- and imaging‑related equipment, turned to us for a customized knowledge sharing solution.
The goal was to gather intelligence according to 4 key themes through Virtual Advisory Boards composed of leading experts, internal specialists and company executives. The clients’ hope was that constructive discussion and the exchange of ideas during the online workshops would lay a strong foundation for driving their future strategic development.


Partnering with each workshop’s owners, Guidepoint helped set up work streams to ensure a smooth execution process, including:
  • Identifying, vetting and onboarding industry experts
  • Coordinating setup of workshop agenda and rundown
  • Onboarding moderators and linguists
  • Organizing trial and rehearsal sessions
  • Documenting the workshop reports and transcripts


High-profile keynote Advisors introduced by Guidepoint for the Advisory Boards included, but was not limited to:


1. Director and Robotic Bariatric Surgeon at a regional, integrated healthcare provider/payer system that offers leading-edge, compassionate healthcare and wellness services to a population of 2.5 million people
2. Vice President of a privately-funded high-tech enterprise specializing in the research & development of environmental technology and recycling engineering technology
3. A recognized thought leader in the TMT space, and current CEO of a consulting firm focusing on digital media, audio, virtual and augmented reality; their mission is helping start-ups and established tech firms transform their strategic direction and business management practices to deliver results and increase revenue
4. Director of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Program at a government organization in the USA and former independent consultant, specializing in catalyzing energy and footprint transformations



With Guidepoint’s dedicated support, the client organized 16 successful workshops, and engaged more than 30 industry-leading experts in exploring the diversity of and possibility for becoming involved in the new technology markets. Their absolute satisfaction with Guidepoint’s commitment to this project led them say: “There have already been significant learnings from the workshops so far. Thank you so much for your tremendous support in making all of this possible!”


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