With COVID-19 still causing a shift in housing trends, Guidepoint Insights is taking a closer look at the industry and what to expect in the months to come.

Guidepoint Insights has covered trending topics including (select calls of interest):


    Self-Storage Update: Where Are We in the Cycle?

    • Has industry pricing stabilized?

    • Trends in search optimization costs, taxes, and labors

    • Review of the cap rates on acquisitions

    Update on the 2020 Housing Market

    • Is this surge in demand sustainable? Is there a mini bubble that could potentially burst?

    • Is labor readily available for new construction and remodeling?

    • What happened with the tariffs and construction costs?

    Single-Family Rentals: Capitalizing on the Suburban Migration

    • Trends in rental rates

    • Update on delinquencies as the government stimulus programs are curtailed

    • Can new single-family homes purchases achieve an acceptable cap rate in the face of rising housing prices?


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