With ongoing advancements in diagnostics, we are continuing our coverage of key trends and news in the space. Guidepoint Insights help you learn more about new technologies and companies making headlines recently.

Trending topics being covered include (select calls of interest): 


    Liquid Biopsy Tests

    • Outlook on the use of liquid biopsies in early detection and asymptomatic screenings

    • What obstacles could possibly affect the broader adoption of liquid biopsy?

    • How business models are evolving for liquid biopsy technology


    • How is GRAIL technology best applied with regard to early detection, diagnostics, and residual disease monitoring?

    • Key features of GRAIL's Galleri, DAC, and other similar or related tests, and the moats around these diagnostics

    • Overview of competitors

    Nano-X Imaging

    • Overview of the business model for Nano-X Imaging, which features a low-cost device and a subscription or pay-per-scan arrangement

    • What types of X-ray images are best suited for Nano-X Imaging's technology, and what are potential applications for its cloud and AI initiatives?

    • Potential hurdles might Nano-X Imaging encounter in the regulatory process


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