Hydrogen fuel cells are growing in popularity, and more industries are looking to make use of the technology. Learn more about key companies and trending topics that are shaping the space.


Trending topics being covered include (select calls of interest): 


    Hydrogen Infrastructure: Energy Storage and Fuel Cells

    • How will GE Power use hydrogen to decarbonize Uniper's gas turbine fleet?

    • Review of how hydrogen can be used as an energy storage medium and firms that will benefit from this usage

    • Types of compression technologies that are the most promising for hydrogen storage and transport

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells: How Will Producers Move Down the Cost Curve?

    • Review of Air Liquide, Linde, Shell, Chevron and which is best suited in the hydrogen infrastructure space

    • How will hydrogen fuel cell producers move down the cost per kilogram curve?

    • Will Cummins acquisition of fuel cell and hydrogen production technologies provider, Hydrogenics, help them gain share in the hydrogen truck space?


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