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    Rivian Automotive: Can It Ramp Its Production Successfully in 2022?

    • How likely is Rivian to meet its stated objective of producing 25,000 electric vehicles in 2022?

    • Have supply chains improved sufficiently for the firm to meet this goal?

    • Does Rivian's recent headcount reduction announcement imply negative growth or profitability issues in the near term?

    DoorDash and Uber: Is Amazon's Agreement With Grubhub a Cause for Concern?

    • How can Grubhub defend itself from DoorDash and Uber Eats?

    • In which regions does Grubhub maintain a leading position?

    • How might the order volume of DoorDash and Uber Eats change?

    Veru Inc.: Sabizabulin in COVID-19 — Analyzing Its Potential EUA Approval and Commercial Opportunities

    • If sabizabulin receives EUA approval, how would it potentially fit into the COVID-19 treatment paradigm?

    • What is the likelihood that sabizabulin will become part of the NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines?

    • What is sabizabulin's potential market opportunity with hospitalized COVID-19 patients at risk of ARDS?

    Tesla: Q2 Takeaways and Q3 Outlook — How Much More Can It Squeeze Giga Shanghai to Cover for Berlin and Austin?

    • What are the latest growth forecasts for China's EV market?

    • What are the aftereffects, ongoing challenges, and key bottlenecks in the EV value chain as a result of the extended Shanghai COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns?

    • How does the aggressive model cycle of Chinese brands compare to Tesla's lack of a new model this year?


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