The Role of Expert Networks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the situation continues to evolve around the world, people everywhere are continuing to seek out information on COVID-19—from how deadly it actually is to progress on vaccines, death tolls, infection rates, and much more. Unfortunately, even though the world is at our fingertips on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, not all information is created equally.


With false information being spread across social media and yes, even mainstream media, how are businesses, investors, and governments supposed to get the critical answers they’ll need to inform their recoveries?


Expert networks, like Guidepoint, are uniquely positioned to help their clients understand the changing landscape, by enabling them to speak with subject-matter experts who have first-hand knowledge of the topics they need information on. This provides a number of key benefits that can be difficult for individuals to achieve on their own. An expert network lets them:


1. Connect with experts who are closer to the topic. With all of the uncertainty of the pandemic and ongoing changes in the economy, expert networks enable users to hear first-hand from the experts on the front-lines who are dealing with the unfolding situation every day.


2. Vet ideas with unbiased, independent third-parties. No hidden agendas, nobody trying to sell anything, expert networks help businesses and investment professionals to access opinions and information on any topic, knowing that it will be accurate and remain confidential.


3. Ask questions on a precise issue. Rather than relying on broad information that is readily available on the open internet or through popular sources, working with an expert network gives clients the opportunity to ask very specific questions from an expert who is fully informed on the exact details of their situation.


4. Reduce turnaround time from research to implementation. By increasing the speed with which an expert can be identified and contacted, companies and investors can be first-to-market with information, beating out the competition.


The era of COVID-19 is a time of great change for everyone, introducing risk, but also creating a wealth of opportunity. With the right information at your disposal, no matter what industry or sector you are in Guidepoint can connect you with the experts you need to help you chart the best path forward for your business.


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