The Unique Relationship Between Consultants and Their Expert Networks

With some of the world’s most demanding clients to serve, consultants leverage expert networks like Guidepoint as an extension of their project team to rapidly access relevant expertise and actionable insights.


To find out more about the unique relationship between consultants and expert networks, we recently spoke with a consultant from a leading management consulting firm to better understand his experience with using expert network services.


Let’s check out the interview highlights.


Please tell us, on average how many one-to-one expert consultations do you conduct per project?
It depends, but it could be a big number; up to 50 to 60 phone consultations per project.


What is your experience with expert networks so far?
For the part that I am responsible for, the experience is excellent. A good project manager can find me the right experts in the early stages, which saves me a lot of time getting the information I need the most.


What advice would you give to your peer colleagues who are using expert networks?
First of all, I think the number of expert consultations “the more the better”, so I suggest collecting more expert information and profiles at the beginning.


Secondly, its important that your expert network can provide flexible services. My project manager at Guidepoint did an amazing job meeting diverse project needs. He offered personalized research solutions including surveys and quick polls which other expert networks might not have the capability to do so.


In addition, the interaction and cooperation with your project manager is crucial. It will make your work much easier if you have a dedicated project manager who has been serving your projects for some time and understands your needs. For example, I need to do less work communicating with my project manager at Guidepoint because he knows our selection standards well and the intention behind the project.


Last but not least, if you use multiple expert networks, remembering how to use each company’s system can be troublesome. In my case, I feel uneasy about whether the appointments are successfully booked via my vendors’ systems. So, I am very grateful when my project manager can confirm my request in real time via email.


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