Top 5 Rules For Validating Business Insights

With the rise of misinformation in all areas of mass media, the need for airtight credibility is now more crucial than ever before. Without it, it would be impossible to make the right decisions with the right insights.
Client need: Identifying your business need and matching it to the right expert with the most relevant experience


Expert experience: Analyzing the work experience and applicable skills of the expert in relation to your business need


Industry experience: Assessing the quality and type of their industry affiliations and their overall standing within that industry or community


Expert community: Assessing the size and quality of the expert’s professional network to learn what sets them apart from their contemporaries


Quality of information: Initiating a screening process to evaluate the expert’s potential as a consultant for the subject matter


With these rules, Guidepoint has enabled our clients to leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our subject matter experts to gain an edge, stay informed, and make better business decisions.
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