B2B Hardware TDM Research



An American marketing agency needed expert insights regarding B2B Hardware TDM solutions. The team’s objective was to setup an expert interview with at least one advisor who was a key technology decision maker with a background in IT, cyber security, operational technology, and information systems.


Accessing Guidepoint’s extensive network of over 1,425,000 Advisors, Guidepoint identified over 600 Advisors matching the
team’s criteria and listed professionals that could offer first-hand knowledge in the technology and IT space.
Guidepoint promptly scheduled 20 phone consultations with some of the following experts:
  • Current Senior Principal Product Manager at a gaming and streaming company with prior experience as a Solutions Architect at a global network platform focused on real-time applications.
  • A current Director of Security Architecture at a leading financial institution with over 16 years of experience.
  • Chief Information Officer at a bank with over 100 branches with extensive experience in technical infrastructure and offshoring application development and support.



The in-depth knowledge showcased by Guidepoint’s Advisors enabled the client to gain expert insight into B2B Hardware TDM solutions. The client was extremely pleased with the information learned from the one-to-one consultations and the level of knowledge provided by each expert.


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