E-Retailers: CPG Ecommerce and Retailers



A global digital product and marketing company needed expert insights about the food, beverage, and snack category in e-commerce. The team’s objective was to setup an expert interview with 5-7 Advisors who specialize in e-retail and could provide expertise on fulfillment, e-commerce platforms, and enterprise capability investment plans for e-commerce.


Guidepoint’s research team identified and recruited 140 Advisors from an extensive network of over 1,425,000 experts matching the team’s criteria and listed professionals that could offer firsthand knowledge.
Guidepoint set up and scheduled 3 consultations with the following expert Advisors:
  • Chief Operating Officer at an American luggage and travel accessories retailer managing the company’s end-to-end operation and supply chain functions, global sourcing, product development, and quality control.
  • A former Divisional Merchandise Manager at a national supermarket chain with over 20 years of experience specializing in merchandising, sales forecasting, assortment, and website analytics.
  • Current role oversees eCommerce and Marketplace strategy at a consumer product equity organization and formerly held a position at multinational retail corporation as a Senior Category Manager.



The client conducted its due diligence, quickly expanding their knowledge of e-commerce in the food, beverage, and snacks industry to gain expertise needed to understand e-retail in the consumer-packaged goods space.


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