Deeper insights on the eIoT in South East Asia



A global electrical manufacturer was considering entering into a partnership with a third party in South East Asia (SEA) specializing in eIoT (energy Internet of Things). They needed to have a detailed assessment of the market opportunity, as well as target competitive positioning. As they are an industry leader in the eIoT field, our client’s requirements for the expert’s depth of knowledge about the relevant markets was high.


Guidepoint’s team worked quickly and efficiently, sourcing 50 Advisor profiles from various SEA countries including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, while simultaneously setting up screening questions with the client to identify the most relevant experts.


Afterwards, Guidepoint custom recruited 3 Advisors who had:


  • Extensive knowledge in the energy management industry in SEA

  • Strong backgrounds in digital innovation & transformation

  • Experience in partnerships and investments


Three in-depth consultations were coordinated by Guidepoint within two days. After the calls, the service team partnered with the client to address important follow-up questions with Advisors.


The client was able to gain new perspectives and insights, which they noted: “Guidepoint Advisors have extensive research and knowledge in the industry and the region. Lots of value add.”


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