Uncovering Timely Insights on the Treatment of Rare Diseases



Those afflicted by rare diseases are most vulnerable, as they count on newly developed treatments to extend and improve their quality of life. Access to accurate findings is crucial in this case, especially when it comes to identifying prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of rare diseases.
This is why many centres of expertise have already unified their efforts in the hopes of accelerating knowledge in this area, yet there is still much to be learned.
To further drive efforts in this direction and intensify research in the field, a leading healthcare consulting firm trusted Guidepoint to find and engage with leading endocrinologists across 6 countries, in 3 different continents.
The goal: understand the current state of two rare diseases from an endocrinologist’s point of view.


Within two months, the Guidepoint Healthcare Team was able to accurately identify and engage with 500 experts well positioned to provide insights on the treatment of Cushing’s disease and Acromegaly.
Our client scheduled qualitative and quantitative interviews engaging with high-level endocrinologists in the US, Japan, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.
Notable Guidepoint Advisors who went on calls include:
  • An endocrinologist from Cologne, Germany who has participated as a country coordinator in more than 30 relevant clinical trials
  • The Chief of the Department of Endocrinology and Nutrition at a large hospital in Madrid, Spain
  • An endocrinologist at a medical school for a private university in the Midwest with 30+ years of experience, located in the United States
  • The Head of Clinical Pharmacodynamics at a large pharmaceutical company based in Berlin and a member of the committees that wrote clinical guidelines used by endocrinologists worldwide
  • An endocrinologist from Rome who has treated over 100 patients over the past year for both Acromegaly and Cushing’s disease
Three in-depth consultations were coordinated by Guidepoint within two days. After the calls, the service team partnered with the client to address important follow-up questions with Advisors.


The Guidepoint team facilitated 20 phone consultations with endocrinology KOLs, covering a multitude of angles on how Cushing’s disease and Acromegaly are treated across the globe. Our client was able to obtain access to a normally hard to reach landscape that is unique to rare diseases.


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