Meet Your Recruiter, Amatullah Engineer


Meet Amatullah! Amatullah is a Global Talent Sourcing Consultant at Guidepoint. Amatullah went to St. Helena’s School where she received a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Literature & Minor in Psychology. In her free time, Amatullah loves trekking, reading, gardening, and occasionally binge-watching some shows on Netflix!

Why did you pursue a career in recruiting?


Amatullah: I am an extroverted person and love interacting with different people so this career path seemed perfect for me. Also seeing the development and progression the industry is heading toward is amazing.


What’s your favorite aspect of the recruiting process?


Amatullah: My favourite part of the recruiting process is how one has the freedom to be innovative and creative to find the best talent in the market. Technology has revolutionised the world of recruitment. Tools like LinkedIn, GitHub, and various other job boards have made the process more proactive. Also, at the end not only filling the position but the positive impact on someone’s life is extremely rewarding.


What roles are you sourcing for?


Amatullah: I support the Global Talent Acquisition team with sourcing for tech and non-tech profiles across the globe. Right from sourcing for Client Service, Sales, or a Business Development role to diving deep into sourcing for PHP/.Net Engineer or DevOps role.


What tends to stand out in a candidate when you’re screening/sourcing them?


Amatullah: It’s extremely interesting to see how candidates are not limited to just updating their job titles or headlines and companies but take that extra mile to write about what they’re working on, their recent accomplishments, and their past experiences.


Why did you apply to Guidepoint?


Amatullah: The opportunity to be a part of the Global Sourcing team and gain global exposure. To also be part of and contribute to a team that is so diverse and getting to work with people from all walks of life.


How would you describe Guidepoint company culture?


Amatullah: I would like to describe Guidepoint culture as diverse, inclusive, and filled with team members who are so warm and supportive. One not only gets the opportunity to grow in their respective field here but also has the flexibility to try different areas out of their comfort zone.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Amatullah: I am a coffee fanatic. I love trying different brews and coffee blends. Exploring coffee types from different regions during my travel and learning about the different techniques of brewing coffee.