Meet Your Recruiter, Netra Jadhav


Meet Netra! Netra is a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Tech at Guidepoint. Netra went to B.K. Birla College where she received a Masters in E-commerce. In her free time, Netra loves traveling, following fitness routines by practicing yoga, meditation, and learning Indian classical dance.

Why did you pursue a career in recruiting?


Netra: Working in this industry has allowed me to develop so many skills like communication, listening skills, relationship management, time management, the ability to work under pressure and so much more.


What’s your favorite aspect of the recruiting process?


Netra: I enjoy working with people and building a strong network of talent. My favorite aspect of the recruitment process is building and maintaining relationships with candidates and providing the best interview experience to the candidate.


What does a typical interview process and timeline look like for the tech department?


Netra: The interview process and timeline can vary depending on the specific position. The typical interview process for the Guidepoint Engineering team is an application review, HR screening round, hiring team interviews, reference checks, and an offer.


What tends to stand out in a candidate when you’re screening/sourcing them?


Netra: There are various factors to determine whether they are a good fit for a particular position. But the most common thing that stands out is relevant experience, specific skills, cultural fitment, and sometimes social presence.


Why did you apply to Guidepoint?


Netra: Guidepoint’s mission and vision are very much aligned with my goals. “Be the power behind better decisions” As a recruiting professional I’ve helped many individuals with their professional growth. After finding out more information about Guidepoint from social media, I was clear on how my goals align with Guidepoint’s mission and vision.


How would you describe Guidepoint company culture?


Netra: It’s been more than a month I am working with Guidepoint. I must say the culture of Guidepoint is aligned with my work style and values. There are great career opportunities and a lot to learn and grow. Flexible schedule and a great leadership team that supports employee development and advancement.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about applying to Guidepoint?


Netra: Learn more about Guidepoint and our services to understand what we do to align it with your goals and values.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Netra: Outside of work, I’m usually a person who loves traveling, following fitness routines by practicing yoga and meditation, and learning Indian Classical dance.