Meet Your Recruiter, Benjamin Li


Meet Benjamin! Benjamin is a Senior Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist at Guidepoint. Benjamin went to Fordham University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In his free time, Benjamin loves cooking, singing, and watching & playing basketball!

Why did you pursue a career in recruiting?


Benjamin: I started off working at a recruiting agency in college and fell in love with helping people find roles as well as solving a puzzle of finding the right candidate for a role. I got into Tech Recruiting purely by chance out of college and after realizing how interesting tech was to learn it became my sole focus as a Recruiter.


What’s your favorite aspect of the recruiting process?


Benjamin: I love screening candidates and figuring out if they are a good fit for the company while also selling them on the opportunity. I love selling the company and that also ties into closing candidates; I am always passionate about the company I recruit for and love sharing that enthusiasm with candidates.


What tends to stand out in a candidate when you’re screening/sourcing them?


Benjamin: I like candidates that have done their research overall. I haven’t worked at a lot of household name companies and when a candidate does enough research to know what the company does and what industry they are in, that shows a level of dedication and interest that sets them apart from everyone else.


Why did you apply to Guidepoint?


Benjamin: I was curious about the expert network space; I had worked at a B2B company before and had seen the issues of people assuming that we are a consulting company and not knowing who we were even though we were a relatively large firm. I really wanted to help expand Guidepoint’s Tech focus and help out with brand awareness if possible.


How would you describe Guidepoint company culture?


Benjamin: Guidepoint is definitely a work-hard and play-hard environment. There is a lot of change happening all the time and you have to be open to adapting and rolling with the punches. It’s exciting that there are always new challenges and opportunities for growth, and you can learn at near hyperspeed here.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about applying to Guidepoint?


Benjamin: Make sure to do your homework about the role you are applying for and get a better sense of the products/services Guidepoint provides. Also, make sure to prepare to learn a lot in a short amount of time.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Benjamin: I truly love watching and playing basketball: I’ve once played basketball for 12 hours straight one day and couldn’t stand up the next day; and I can name the NBA Finals participants every year from current day to about 1980.